He was joking… or was he???  

Just get that sperm cookin’ already

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This doesn’t make me enraged at all. Only recently I made a post about how I was pining for a season one style dynamic. There’s no way I’m jumping ship.

What the shit is this? I don’t like anything about this and I’m not sure I can stand by a show that’s so dismissive of their fans. What was the point of building up the Nick & Jess relationship, making it the core of the show & getting everyone so excited about them just to bail on them out of the blue? If they can’t be bothered to care about how devoted watchers feel, I’m not sure I can be bothered to stick with their show.

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Random Thought

Right now Jess is literally JUST Nick’s roomfriend.
This hurts my heart.

Anonymous asked: Don't give up hope yet! We don't have any idea how they're going to handle it the next episodes!!!!!!!

Aww thank Anon <3 I guess I just need the wait to be over… if the writers have something up their sleeve that will make all of this worth while, I need to know what it is already :(

Random Thought

I hate to say this but a really big part of me just does not want to watch what happens next. I have no interest in seeing the show justify pulling Nick & Jess apart. I’m sure the writers have their reasons and that if you analyze it they’re doing the right thing blah blah blah. The best way I can explain the way I feel is that I was a loyal little puppy and New Girl was the owner I trusted completely. So there I was blissfully baring my belly, expecting a gentle rub when WHAM!!! The “Mars Landing” episode delivered a swift kick in the gut that I never saw coming. Now I don’t feel like I can trust the show anymore.


Every roomfriend after watching Mars Landing


Every roomfriend after watching Mars Landing

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Always reblog, because he always goes back to her. And I guarantee you he will again.

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